Explosion Venting Louver

An explosion venting louver is essentially a specially designed louver or vent panel installed in a wall, door, or other structure. Louvers are slatted openings that allow airflow while preventing the direct passage of rain or other elements. Explosion venting louvers serve as an integrated safety feature by offering pressure relief during an explosion event. When an explosion occurs within an enclosed space, it generates a rapid increase in pressure. The explosion venting louver is designed to open automatically when the pressure inside the space reaches a certain threshold. This controlled release of pressure prevents structural damage, building collapse, and secondary explosions.

Product Details

- With ventilation function.

- Release values can be design with different FM approved Explosion Venting Fastener (EVF) .

- Lightweight venting panel allows quicker venting.

- Reset back easily by replacing the fasteners.

- Explosion pressure values: 20-40 psf (or lbs/ft2) .