Explosion Venting Fastener

Our explosion venting systems only use our FM Approved explosion venting fasteners. Explosion venting fasteners is a specially designed mechanical fasteners, It is mainly used in explosion venting structures in explosive dangerous environments. Explosion venting systems generally use FM explosion venting fasteners as a means of securing the venting panels to the structure and the panels shall release at a minimum internal pressure of 20lbs/ft2 (0.96KPa) and a maximum internal pressure of 40lbs/ft2(1.92KPa) (According to FM1-44). They shall be designed to relieve at the lowest possible pressure that will provide adequate resistance to any applied wind loading to which it may be subjected.

Product Details

- Screw: 6.3 mm (0.25 in) 

- Washer: slightly convex, 19mm (0.75 in) O.D. / 6 mm (0.236 in) I.D.

- Length: available from 35 mm to 200 mm

- Indented hex head: 9.41 mm ±0.15, width across the flat sides is a min. 10 mm

- Thread/Point: Type 1 standard

- Screw: 1022A carbon steel with galvanizing for corrosion protection

- Washer: aluminum alloy (1060-H24) washer bonded to a EPDM washer