Explosion Venting Window

Explosion venting windows are designed to release the pressure generated by an explosion, preventing excessive pressure buildup within an enclosed space. These windows allow for a rapid equalization of pressure between the building's interior and the external environment. This can help prevent structural failure and the risk of further explosions. Commonly used in industrial facilities and other environments where there is a risk of explosions or pressure-related hazards. 

Product Details

- Two types of window materials, safety glass used for lighting and another type is full galvanized steel plate for non-lighting.

- Release values can be design with different FM approved Explosion Venting Fastener (EVF) .

- Lightweight venting panel allows quicker venting.

- Equipped with safety noose to prevent secondary damage caused by the venting panel.

- Reset back easily by replacing the fasteners.

- Explosion pressure values: 20-40 psf (or lbs/ft2) .