Explosion Venting Window

Products are applied to various types of buildings in the presence of an explosion in many industries, including Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Nuclear Power Station, Electronics, Army, etc. The area of explosion venting window can act as explosion venting area, which can solve the problem that explosion area within less venting as required.

Product Details

  • Explosion venting window is divided into two types of lighting and insulation materials, including steel and aluminum. Safety glass used for lighting type window, and sandwich panel filled with insulation materials used for insulation type window.

  • The explosion pressure value of the explosion venting window can be controlled by the explosion venting bolt.

  • Once the explosion pressure reaches the design value, the venting window will open on its own, so as to achieve the effect of pressure relief when blast happen. After the explosion, the explosion venting window can be closed as an external window.