Blast Wall

The blast wall is of a profile-steel structure covered with blast-resistant plates and filled with rock wool fiber. The blast-resistant plate has the composite protection functions of blast resistance, fire and heat isolation, sound insulation, noise reduction and moving object impact resistance.


Product Details

  • Compared with the reinforced concrete blast resistant wall, the blast resistant wall of the metal structure has the advantages of light weight and easy to be loaded, unloaded and recycled, and it is composed of light steel keels, cement steel plates reinforced with fiber and rock wool. The cement steel plate reinforced with fiber is a composite fire resistant plate which is made up of two punched 0.5mm thick galvanized steel sheets which are extruded on 8.5mm thick fiber cement. The fiber cement layer sandwiched in the middle of the two layers of steel plate has the function of absorbing energy.

  • The specification of cement plate is 2400 ×1200 × 9.5(mm).

  • It is simple and convenient to construct, the cycle is short, the mass in the unit area is light, and the fire-resistant and thermal insulation performances are excellent.