Double Blast Door

It is applied to various types of buildings which are likely to be jeopardized from a blast in the petrochemical, the nuclear power, the pharmaceutical, the electronic, the military industries, etc. when the explosion happens, a blast door can block the shock waves and splash, protecting the people and equipment inside the building.

Product Details

When the blast occurs, the blast-resistant door obstructs shock waves generated by the blast, so that it safeguards the safety of personnel and equipment in a building. It is made of galvanized steel, and anti-corrosive paint is sprayed externally. Sealing strips are inlaid around the door frame, which can ensure tightness and tranquility as well as prevent poisonous gas from flowing when the door is closed. Fireproof rock wool is provided inside the door, and it has the functions of fire prevention, inflaming retarding, etc.